translation and interpretation services

English -> Russian, Russian -> English
Translation of marketing and advertising texts, legal and financial documents, website localization, contracts, press releases, creative translation, certified translation, editing
Interpretation for business negotiations, escort interpretation
Certified linguist, translator/interpreter, 13+ years of experience
Team member of largest European and American translation agencies, including Lionbridge, LanguageConnect (THG Fluently), Bureau Translations, TranslateMedia
Some published materials include works for the clients/projects: Microsoft, Vertu, Hankook, Tissot, Harley-Davidson, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Sephora,,, NBA, Nike, MSI

Main areas

of rendering translation (interpretation) services

Marketing and advertising

Marketing presentations of companies and products
Creative translation of goods collections, presentations of products, slogans, promotional texts, transcreation
Website localization, promotional materials of various kinds

Fashion and Hairstyling

Press releases
Descriptions of apparel collections, hairstyle collections
Description of products collections for hair care and styling, techniques of creating hairstyles and cuts

Tourism and hotel booking

Website localization for online booking operators (hotels and other tourism property)
Website localization for hotels and other tourism property
Translation of brochures, flyers and other promotional materials for hotels and other tourism property

Beauty industry

Creative translation of advertising materials on products for beauty and care and perfumery
Translation of product descriptions for beauty and care, fragrance collections
Website localization, press releases

Leisure and recreation

Advertising materials – Website localization for restaurants
Advertising materials – Website localization for event organizers
Advertising materials – Website localization for sports brands

Luxury goods

Advertising materials – Website localization for car manufacturers
Advertising materials – Website localization for watchmakers
Description of fashion designer collections
Collections of interior design items
Advertising materials – Website localization for premium real estate property
Advertising materials – Website localization for handset manufacturers

International organizations

Articles, press releases, project documentation within the framework of Russia-EU cooperation etc.

Food industry

Translation of market research and surveys
Advertising materials – Website localization


Financial statements
Letters of guarantee
Invoices etc.

Legal, law


Valeria Burova

Professional linguist and translator/interpreter (MA degree, industry experience − 13+ years)
Expert in advertising and marketing (offline industry experience − 8 years)
Certified hairdresser — I use my expertise for translation of texts on fashion and hairdressing

I know well what the industry expects linguistically

My strength lies in my ability to provide natural Russian texts, translating the message for maximum appeal to the target audience rather than providing an accurate but over-literal translation. This is an important requirement in most of my specialist areas.

Terminology banks for regular clients

This approach allows to ensure consistency in terminology, style, localization and formatting.

Industry experience

Leading European system of online hotel booking
Translation of web content, marketing and advertising materials on tourism and hotel booking
(03.2014 – present time)


World market leader in the development and production of underwater diving equipment
Translation of legal documents for arbitration in London, language support at international exhibitions
(09.2011 – 08.2013)


The world’s largest vendor of translation and localization services
Translation in fashion, advertising and marketing areas
(06.2014 – present time)


Global platform for online hotel booking
Translation of marketing texts and web content
(03.2016 – present time)


Global LSP in translation and transcreation
Translation, transcreation, editing in advertising and marketing for premium brands
(08.2015 – present time)

Procter & Gamble

American multinational consumer goods company
Translation of press releases, correspondence, internal documentation, custom classifications
(04.2013 – 02.2015)


Translation agency, London – Portugal
Translation and revision of marketing texts, contracts
(08.2012 – 02.2015)

Ego Translating

The oldest St Petersburg translation company
Staff translator
Translation of press releases, legislation, contracts,
marketing and advertising texts, financial materials,
articles and press releases on hairdressing and fashion

(04.2013 – 02.2015)


Translation Company
Translation of web content for luxury hotels
(08.2014 – present time)


Interviewing, translation and editing interviews
(04 – 05.2011)


Exclusive Russian distributor of skin care and hair care luxury products
Translation of advertising and marketing content for website
(03.2015 – present time)


American multinational technology company
Translation of legal documents
(04.2017 – present time)


American manufacturer and marketer of prestige skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products
Translation of marketing materials
(04.2017 – present time)


French luxury perfumes and cosmetics house
Translation of articles and interviews for Lancome beauty web magazine
(04 – 08.2017)


American motorcycle manufacturer
Translation of marketing materials and web content
(08.2017 – present time)

Other clients and projects

ARMZ JSC − Uranium holding
SPIEF 2010 − St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
BOSH − Multinational engineering & electronics company
Wella − World’s largest hair care and cosmetics company − Private non-profit foundation
Mixmag − Music web magazine
Rado − Luxury Swiss watches
Tissot − Luxury Swiss watches
Vertu − Luxury mobile phones brand
Starwood Hotels and Resorts − Large American hotel and leisure company
Hankook − South Korean tire company
Sever − Ecological company
Stroyenergokomplekt − A group of construction companies
Skill Set – A school of English language
CCN − Carbon credits trade
The U.S. Russian and East European Business Council
Megafirma, Nazzlesketch − Design studios
Event Concept − Advertising agency
Sheremetyevo − International airport
Global Listings Ltd − TV-based international media company
Linguatext − Translation agency, Germany-Estonia
Eclectic translations − Boutique language service provider
All Languages Ltd − Language service provider, Canada
GTL Media Inc. − Localization company, USA
thebigword Group Plc. − Language solution provider, UK
INLION Translation Group − Chinese translation agency
Lumen LSP − Language service provider, Canada
Expertrans − Language service provider, Vietnam
GM Voices − Telecommunications, localization, USA
TranslateMedia − Language service provider, UK
TransPerfect − International language services and technology solutions provider
Tactegis − Legal translation services provider, UK
Language Connect − Language service provider, UK
Traductanet − International translation company

Recommendations and reviews
Reference letter DRASS
Ego Translating
1RU3--_u_5065t) Recommendation Letter
Ego Translating
Scanned Document
Reference letter Lionbridge

Pricing & time frames

What is included in the price?

Good translator is aware of his/her worth, and in the very end cheap translations come at higher price for customers. Any document is an integral part of the image of a client or a company. Poor quality translations debase the image and may result in errors, legal discrepancies or misunderstanding between partners. Working with me you’re paying not just for the amount of translated material per unit of time, but for the quality.

How long will it take?

Typically, I may guarantee 2000 words per day of high-quality work. Translations take more or less time depending on the volume and the content of original text. Upon accepting a document I first check the content in order to give an accurate estimate of translation time.

Translations are billed according to the number of words in source document. Minimal rate for translation is $ 0.11 per source word.


Go global!

Looking for Russian legal or certified translation? Need English business document, market study in Russian, or a web form for your next vacation abroad translated? In today’s fast-paced global marketplace we need to translate texts, documentation and web sites from English to Russian language and vice versa for personal and/or business use. For the best Russian translation services, look no further! I provide professional English to Russian translation and interpretation services since 2009.

What you get

Full package: comparing to ordering translation services at translation agency or company, many of them would charge you extra for Quality Assurance or proofreading. My services include all those benefits with no extra charge.
Your deadlines are my deadlines. I understand the fast-paced environment of the modern business world.
I use powerful CAT tools and translation management software to increase my efficiency and offer you the best rate possible.

The quality

In order to provide top quality translation I focus on two key aspects:
Impeccable accuracy: I translate the exact concepts of the source-language text
Genuine readability: I carefully re-structure the target-language text so that it reads like an original, not a “translation”.
Produced texts will have no awkward expressions and lack of clarity often associated with translations. At the same time, precise editing and proofreading regime assures the highest levels of accuracy.

Website localization

As a professional Russian translator I am very experienced in adapting clients existing website to local Russian language and culture in the target market.

Document translation

I work with a wide variety of documents: I provide translation of business and legal documents, such as contracts, law, financial statements, guarantee letters, invoices, birth certificates and many others.

Promotional materials

As an expert in advertising and marketing and certified stylist I use my competence for translation of a great variety of texts for this industry: press releases, editorial texts, fashion portfolios and collections, haircuts portfolios, descriptions of collections, concepts of new and existing products, marketing presentations of companies and products etc.


Do you want to be sure that the translated marketing text will have the same convincing power over the audience as the original text crafted by advertising professional? Go for transcreation services, where translation merges with deep stylistic editing and a touch of re-writing in order to achieve the necessary effect.


As professional Russian interpreter and certified linguist I provide the following types of interpretation from Russian to English and from English to Russian: consecutive, escort, conference calls, skype calls and common phone calls.

Consecutive interpreting

This type of language support is usually good for events with small number of participants like meetings or business negotiations. In consecutive interpreting, the source-speaker makes small pauses from time to time in order to allow the interpreter to convey the information to the target audience.

Escort interpreting

Have you ever experienced what it is like to be surrounded by a language or culture that you do not understand while you are travelling?
In escort interpreting, the interpreter is there to interpret (or orally translate) everything that a client says into the target language and also to interpret everything else that is said from that foreign language into the client’s language. An escort interpreter (sometimes called travel interpreter or escorting interpreter) can behave almost as an assistant, helping clients to navigate while they are traveling on business trips. These interpreters may accompany clients to a single meeting or to a handful of meetings.

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